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WOTS REFCL & 22kV Upgrade

AusNet Services’ network operates in a unique geographical location, some of which is exposed to extreme bushfire risk. These conditions warrant significant investment to mitigate the risk of bushfires as a result of earth faults on the distribution network.

WOTS is unique in AusNet Services REFCL program in that it is principally a transmission asset serving the Victoria/NSW interconnector and providing a 66 kV sub-transmission connection point to the distribution business

PowerNet was awarded Principle Contractor which included the Civil Constructions Primary, Secondary & commissioning of this complex project.

The overall scope of this project was:

  • Installation of 2 x GFNs;
  • Replacement of 2 existing 22kV Neutral Earthing Compensators (NECs) that are connected to the tertiary of the existing 330/66/22kV transformers and associated reactors;
  • Modification to the existing neutral earthing arrangement to incorporate 2 x 22kV switch neutral bus kiosks and associated neutral isolators;
  • Installation of 1 combined REFCL room;
  • Replacement of 2 existing station service transformers (SSTx) with 750kVA kiosk type units;
  • Installation of new 22kV capacitor bank No.2;
  • Replacement of existing 22kV capacitor bank No.1 for GFN compliance;
  • Installation of a zero sequence CT at each 22kV feeder cable circuit;
  • Replacement of existing 22kV VT for GFN compliance;
  • Replacement of existing transformer tertiary cable box, including replacing the existing transformer tertiary connected cables with 19/33kV rated cables;
  • Installation of new cabling suitable for use with GFN operation
  • Modification of existing Cap Bank
  • Installation of new Cap Bank
  • Installation and modification of associated secondary protections system