Our Services

Our Services

Substation Primary Construction & Maintenance

PowerNet primary group is experienced in all forms of brown and green field construction. PowerNet has established a strong reputation for its quality of work and attention to detail.

PowerNet can offer the Supply and installation of all steelwork, including termination structures, equipment support structures bus bar supports, bus bars, cable ladder etc

The Primary group specialise in the setting up, adjustment, alignment and maintenance of various types of Transmission and Distribution equipment;

  • HV Circuit breakers SF6 & Oil
  • Indoor switchgear
  • Disconnect Switches – Local and remote
  • Earth Switch – local & remote
  • Power Transformers
  • Auxiliary Switchgear
  • Capacitor and Reactor Banks
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Earth grid
  • Substation Overhead line work
  • Rigging Steel structures and Bus erection
  • Custom steel Fabrication

Substation Secondary Construction

PowerNet Constructions secondary team is made up of experience electrician’s offers an end to end secondary solution for green field & brown field sites.

PowerNet capability’s are:

  • Supply, installation and connection of all electrical cabling and wiring
  • Modifications of complex in service electrical systems
  • Manufacture, supply and installation of AC auxiliary supply and distribution, including control panels, associated switchgear transformers etc.
  • Manufacture, supply and installation of DC supply and distribution, including control panels, associated switchgear, batteries & chargers
  • Manufacture, supply and installation of control & protection equipment
  • SCADA, SCIMIS & HMI equipment

Underground HV Cable Jointing & Hauling

PowerNet Underground group is experienced in all forms of brown and green field construction underground installations. PowerNet capability covers all aspects of HV and LV cable installation, cable jointing, termination and service of paper-lead, SWA, Polymeric & XLPE up to 66KV, and are skilled in the use of cold/heat shrink, jointing methods.

Underground HV Cable Jointing & Hauling

Testing & Commissioning
Primary Testing

PowerNet’s primary test team have a broad range of experience in condition monitoring, plant diagnostics & pre commissioning and commissioning of primary plant up to 500kV. 

Our Primary High End Test Services include:

Power Transformer

DC winding resistance, demagnetization, Dynamic load tap changer diagnostics, Transformer turns ratio, vector group, Leakage reactance / short circuit impedance, Transformer, bushing: power / dissipation factor + insulation capacitance, Insulating fluids: power / dissipation factor, Excitation current per tap, Frequency response of stray losses (FRSL), Surge arrestors: leakage current and watt losses

Current Transformer

C T ratio, burden, CT excitation curve (knee point),Polarity, Accuracy limiting factor (ALF) test, CT ratio with voltage, CT winding resistance, CT voltage withstand test, Power / dissipation factor (tan δ) test

Voltage Transformer

VT ratio, polarity and burden, secondary voltage withstand test, Polarity check, VT electronics, Power / dissipation factor (tan δ) test

Earth Grids

Ground grid impedance for large & small systems, Step and touch voltage, Soil resistivity, Integrity check of grounding connection, Reduction factor / current split factor, Measure multiple current paths

Switchgear,GIS and Circuit Breaker Testing

Contact resistance, Bushing: power / dissipation factor (tan δ) + insulation capacitance, Overcurrent relays with primary injection, Power / dissipation factor (tan δ) + Insulating fluids: power / dissipation factor, Withstand test.

Our primary team testing

HV Line & Underground Testing

PowerNet has an experienced team to cater for all power line and HV cable testing and diagnostic.

HV Cable & Line Testing

Cable Fault Location, VLF, Hipot, Insulation resistance, Line impedance and k-factor, Mutual coupling, Positive or zero sequence impedance  

Distribution Field Devices

ACR’s, Sectionalises, Regulators, Capacitor Banks

Secondary Testing

PowerNet Secondary testing division provides complex protection testing and diagnostic across all protections schemes in the power industry:

  • Generator Prot
  • Line Prot
  • Transformer Prot
  • Line Diff
  • CB Mang
  • Line Diff
  • etc

Standard relay calibration and verification testing of High Burden and Microprocessor relays, Protection scheme testing using State Simulation to provide End to End testing of Communication Based Schemes with GPS time syncing, Protection and control testing of transmission terminal stations, distribution zone substations stations, Protection and control testing of distribution field devices, Fault Finding in Low Voltage protection and control circuits.