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Glenrowan Terminal Station Upgrade

The Construction of two new 66KV switching substation station bays at the existing Glenrowan Terminal Station is a great example of PowerNet’s brownfield experience.  Each bay was constructed to connect the new Glenrowan West and Winton Solar Farms due for completion in late 2020.  Both Solar farms will provide over 230MW of power to the National Grid via 66KV overhead lines connected to Glenrowan Terminal Station.

PowerNet’s Scope of Works Included:

Primary Construction and Installation of two new feeder bays each comprising of:

  • New 66KV Circuit Breaker
  • 2 x 3 phase Underslung Disconnectors
  • 3 x single-phase Inductive Voltage Transformers with one marshalling Box
  • 3 x 66KV Surge Arrestors
  • Replacing the existing HPS lights within switchyard with LED’s
  • Replacement of Earth Points in 66KV switchyard with fixed ball types
  • Installation of Associated new Bus and Interplant Connections

Secondary Construction Comprising of:

  • Installation of 5 new control panels within the control room
  • Modification of 20 existing control panels within the Control Room
  • Installation of new power and control cabling within the control room and newly constructed bays in the switchyard

Commissioning Works

  • Site acceptance testing of all new primary plant and secondary panels and equipment
  • Site acceptance testing of all panel modifications
  • Testing of and Cut Over of new line and bus protection schemes
  • Integration of both the Glenrowan and Winton Solar Farms

Outside of the scope, however, related to the project, PowerNet also were engaged through the Primary Constructor of the Solar Farms Substations to:

  • Install new underground fibre between Winton Solar Farm and the Glenrowan Terminal Station
  • Complete High Voltage Terminations
  • Secondary Wiring Terminations