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Jordan Springs 33/11 kV Substation

PowerNet was employed by Endeavor Energy to conduct the installation of Schneider indoor switchgear and assist unloading & un-crating of major equipment delivered to site. Scope of works included:

  • Installation & wiring of earthing cabinet,
  • Installation, construction & wiring of 11kV auxiliary switchboard;
  • Installation, construction & wiring of
  • Construct AFIC (audio frequency injection control) cells installation of HV cable supports; installation of protection and control panels, including installation of relays in panels; installation of LV power and control cables; installation of secondary wiring between equipment;
  • installation of miscellaneous components for the AC and DC systems & kiosks; basic testing of the electrical installation, including point-to-point checks and insulation resistance measurements; Connect equipment to the substation earthing system
  • labelling (eg wire numbering, panels etc) & signage
  • Complete sections of, Endeavour Energy quality documentation (eg ITPs, Pre-commissioning sheets & Validation forms) where relevant to the work.