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DC Upgrade of 12 Terminal stations

As principal contractor the installation scope of works included the supply of all labour, materials and equipment for the specified design, selection/design of materials and equipment, setting out and co-ordination, submission of information, supply fabrication, manufacture, installation, quality control, testing and commissioning and defects liability. Each site consisted of

  • Provide design assistance, direction and recommendation for hazardous area classification of installation
  • Staging of construction work to minimise outages
  • Procurement of all equipment and material (excluding
  • batteries and chargers)
  • Construction of all civil works – concrete/steel/timber/painting/ventilation structures.
  • Install new 250V & 48V batteries
  • Install 2 new 250V battery chargers
  • 4 battery isolation panels
  • 4 DC-DC converters
  • Install MCB’s and wiring in existing 250V & 48V DC distribution panels to supply DC-DC converters and battery monitoring supply
  • 250V & 48V live panel modifications
  • Supply and install new cable ladder, conduits, copper earth bar and associated supports
  • Installation of new LV power cabling & control
  • Connect new equipment to DIC & SCIMIS panels as required
  • Decommission existing equipment 
  • Testing & commissioning of equipment