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AGL Hydro Clover Power Station Rebuild

PowerNet was awarded the contract to Design and Construction (D&C) a 66kV Substation, Generator protection and decommissioning of current ageing infrastructure. This D&C project included the design, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of the new facility and comprised of:

  • 2 x 11/66kV Power Transformers
  • Installation, termination and jointing of 11kV underground cable (Polymeric to Paper Lead
  • 1 x 72.5 kV outdoor DT Circuit-breaker
  • 3 x 72.5 kV outdoor Motorised Isolators
  • 3 x 72.5kV Voltage Transformers
  • Strung and solid Bus work
  • Temporary Line Protection
  • Generator, Transformer Protection
  • CB Management
  • Relocation of Generator control

The complex project was completed in 5 months including the Design & Construction of high voltage overhead and underground cables, 66kV primary plant and equipment, integration of new digital equipment to the existing generator mechanical control. The project was generating clean energy well ahead of schedule and PNC was instrumental in helping AGL Hydro achieve this.