Your experts in High Voltage System Projects

PowerNet Constructions Pty limited has been incorporated as an innovative and professional Electrical Services company, specialising in the construction, maintenance and testing of high voltage power system equipment


Why Choose
PowerNet Constructions

PowerNet has set in place an end to end standard work delivery operating model to maximise control and optimise cost.

Experienced Team

We support the operating process with our trained team, systems and culture. We have and continue to invest in development and training, advanced test equipment, plant and site support equipment and facilities to enable our efficient project delivery to meet functionality, time and cost performance

Deep understanding of your needs

With a strong focus on construction, maintenance and testing of complex high voltage power systems, PowerNet Constructions seeks to deliver value-added services to its clients, based on deep understanding of the client specification and needs.

Safety & Compliance focus

Safety is our #1 priority. “No company goal or objective is ever worth a workplace injury, our duty is to ensure each and everyone returns home to their family the same way the came to work”

Recent Projects


PowerNet recently installed and commissioned a 1MW / 2MWh BESS. Each container weighing around 21t. With COVID-19 limiting travel from the overseas supplier, PowerNet became

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With the successful removal and preservation of 3 single phase 11kV to 220kV 16.6MVA transformers and installation of a single 11kV to 220kV 90MVA transformer

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